About the Library

Where do you get funds?

The Library gets grants every year from the Friends of Appleton Library. But over 95% of the money spent at the Library comes from local tax dollars -- mostly City of Appleton property taxes -- and counties, too.

Can libraries help the economy?

Libraries promote community development and growth. People starting a business, people running a business and people looking for work all use and benefit from Library resources. Many people look at the public Library when deciding where they want to live -- and access to libraries helps people prepare for higher paying jobs.

Studies have shown that for every dollar invested in libraries, there is at least a $4 return on investment to the community.

Who’s in charge?

The Appleton Public Library is governed by a citizen board of trustees, including one alderperson, one Appleton Area School District representative and seven other citizens appointed by the mayor. Most board appointments are for three-year terms. Appleton residents interested in serving on the board should contact the mayor, the library board president, or the library director.

The board makes budget and policy decisions and oversees the staff. 

What’s the deal with parking?

Parking is free after 6pm and all day on Sundays. At other times the ramps and parking meters reflect the supply and demand of being part of a busy downtown. The library parking lot is maintained and operated by the City of Appleton Public Works Department. The City of Appleton (not the Library) receives all parking revenue and parking tickets, and the City of Appleton Common Council controls the rules for parking meter enforcement.