Community Conversations

From March 2012 through April 2013, we began a series of conversations with the community. Those conversations, known as our Community Conversations, asked community members to share their hopes for Appleton’s future and how we might play a role in realizing those hopes and dreams.

During our first set of Community Conversations, we facilitated 10 public meetings in various aldermanic districts. Every participant’s voice was heard and recorded. After we gathered and analyzed the information from our community members, we realized we weren't hearing from certain demographics. We then sought out 10 more special focus groups to ensure we heard all perspectives: teens, the millennial generation, moms, dads, entrepreneurs, creatives, diverse populations, business interests and those who weren’t afraid to tell us the truth.

What we learned spanned these Community Conversations, and is reflected in the strategic plan:

Appleton’s Future
• Continue our strong local sense of community, caring and quality of life.
• Retain economic vitality while embracing change and diversity.
• Sustain our essential institutions – for environmental and economic health.

How APL can shape Appleton’s hopes and dreams for future decades?
• Continue being a “hub” for learning: engaging all ages and all demographics.
• Continue being a facilitator for collaborations, shared community visions and important      conversations.
• Continue as a unique third place - which is not home or school or work, and a downtown anchor.
• Provide a place to embrace the opportunities of technology and creativity.
• Provide adaptable flexible space which can be responsive to future needs.
• Keep a balance of tradition and innovation.