Library Building Project Update: May 2021

In March the Appleton Public Library Board of Trustees and City of Appleton Common Council selected Skidmore, Owings & Merrill for design and engineering services for the Appleton Public Library at its current location.

City staff continue to work with the architects from SOM on the library building project. The following progress has been made in the past month:

1. The Building Condition Assessment has been finalized. No major surprises were found. Overall, the report was positive in that the building structure is solid and will integrate well into a new design. 

2. A building scan utilizing LIDAR scanning technology was performed and is currently being finalized. It is anticipated that this will be completed at month end as scheduled.

3. Boundary and topographic surveys have been completed.

4. Ongoing work continues with staff on the library building program. The building program serves as the initial instructions that the architects use to develop space needs, important adjacencies and ultimately concepts and design. The architectural team will utilize this information to begin testing various options for consideration. Meetings have been a combination of in-person and virtual. Below are images from the first staff workshop.

5. A Library Building Project Advisory Committee has been developed and the submission of applications and appointments has begun. The committee will consist of stakeholders with a broad spectrum of insight from throughout the community. They will provide input into the goals and design of the library.

6. Additional opportunities for broad community involvement are being finalized. Upon the completion of the pre-design and programming phases we look forward to entering the conceptual design phase next month.