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Print from Home / Mobile / Wireless Printing

Method 1: Upload to Web Portal

To print from your computer or laptop, use the PrinterOn portal. Select to send it to one of the SECOND FLOOR PRINTER options.

Method 2: Use the App

To print from your tablet or phone, install and open the PrinterOn app:   iOS  |  Android

Send documents from your personal computer, laptop, tablet, or phone to one of our public printers at the library. Print jobs sent to the library will be saved for two days after sending. Printers/copiers accept cash only.

15¢ Black & White
35¢ Color

Machine takes 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1, & $5
Price is calculated per copy  (e.g. two 1-sided prints will cost the same as one 2-sided print)

Please note that password protected files cannot be printed wirelessly. You will need to login and print from a Library computer, accessing your file via USB, Dropbox, Google Drive, email, etc. 

Getting Your Printing at the Library

When printing from home, before coming to the Library please call us to confirm your print job has processed on our end and is waiting in our print queue: 920-832-6179.

Come for your printing within 2 days (48 hrs) of sending. At the print station, click Get my Printing and, in the lower text box, enter the email address you used when sending your printing. Continue with the instructions that are posted at the print-release station.