Meeting & Study Rooms

Meeting and study rooms are booked on a first-come, first-served basis and are available for the community for the presentation of informational, educational, or recreational material in keeping with our mission. See our Meeting Room Policy for more details.

Study Rooms

We have several small group study rooms (1-10 people) located on the second floor. Call 832-6173 or visit our second-floor service desk to reserve a room.

Rooms can be booked for up to two hours per day, with an option to extend time if no one else has requested the room.

Meeting Rooms (Temporarily Unavailable)

We have four meeting rooms available for community programs in our lower level. Call 832-6170, visit a service desk, or use our online form to book a room.

  • Meeting Rooms may be booked up to 6 months in advance.
  • Groups may only have four meetings booked at a time.
  • If your meeting falls within a week of when you need the room, please call 832-6170.
  • Meeting Room Capacities
    • Meeting Room A: minimum capacity = 12, maximum capacity = 45
    • Meeting Room B: 12 min, 45 max
    • Meeting Room C: 20 min, 125 max
    • Meeting Room D: 8 min, 16 max
    • Meeting Room A/B: 24 min, 100 max
    • Meeting Room A/B/C: min 75, max 250

How to Request a Meeting Room Online

  1. Go to the online form and, in the calendar, select the date you need the room.
  2. Select the room that fits the size of the group that you expect will attend your event (mouse-over the rooms for these numbers).
  3. Select the time you will need the room.
  4. Click "Continue."
  5. Complete the next page with details about the meeting and set up needs.
  6. Confirm the information is correct and submit the request.

You will receive an acknowledgment email upon submission and a confirmation email after the request has been approved.