Tax Forms & Assistance Services

Tax Forms

The Library now has tax forms in the building.

  • Federal: 1040 Form booklets and instructions
  • WI: Form 1 and instructions
  • WI: Schedule SB and instructions
  • WI: Schedule AD and instructions
  • WI: H & H-EZ  (which also contains a rent certificate)
  • WI: Rent certificate
  • WI: WI-WD
  • WI: NPR


Please note

  • You can request the federal government to mail federal forms and booklets to you by filling out an online form.
  • In 2019, the new 1040 consolidated the 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ into one form for all filers, and also included Schedules 1-6. This means 1040A and 1040EZ no longer exist as options for tax forms.
  • Library and City of Appleton employees are not accountants or tax attorneys; they cannot provide tax assistance or advise you on which forms you need.


Tax Help

Currently, AARP is completely booked for appointments at their other locations, but they have these recommendations for people seeking tax assistance: 

-- Call 920-968-6044 for the VITA appointment line at Goodwill on Appleton Road. They have appointments available. 

-- Schedule your own appointment at Goodwill online ( or go to Goodwill from 9am-11am and schedule your own appointment time on provided computers. There is help available for doing this.

-- Call the AARP tax help line at 920-215-1040. You will hear a message saying they are full. After listening to the message you can leave your own asking if there are any cancellations.