We love being a partner with local schools and offer a variety of services to enhance your curriculum. Check out a few of our teacher services below.


We provide Appleton teachers with the option of signing up for a teacher account. Our teacher accounts provide you with greater flexibility while balancing your professional and personal lives by making it easier to keep track of which materials are for your classroom and which are for personal use. Teacher accounts also make it possible for you to access electronic services in your classroom without having to disclose your personal library card number and PIN.

You must teach in an Appleton school (public or parochial) to qualify. Elementary teachers, please contact Sonja at 832-6020. Middle and High School teachers, please contact Emely at 832-5851.


Call us at 832-6187 to pull three or four titles on a subject, or by an author, and we'll set them aside for you to pick up. Please give as much notice as possible.


Alert us to an upcoming study unit or project and we will familiarize ourselves with library materials on the topic and create a booklist to ensure that students will find available information.


The in-person Field Trip service is not available at this time.

To request a virtual preschool fieldtrip email Teresa at tsmith@apl.org
To request a virtual elementary fieldtrip email Sonja at srusch@apl.org


Looking for a handy way to provide students with additional reading materials related to curriculum or just for fun? Call us or fill out our online form and we'll assemble a Book Pack that contains approximately 15-30 age/level appropriate items selected by our literature specialists.


Our website provides access to many electronic resources. Two of those that may be useful to school librarians and reading teachers are Novelist and Teaching Books. Novelist helps you match the right book with the right child, while Teaching Books will help you find discussion questions for books. You will need your library card number to access these databases from home.